Beautiful Blonde in Tiny Shorts

Blonde and sexy Welsh babe Jess Davies

The first word that pops into my head when I think of Jess Davies is creamy.  Her body is fair and smooth, but there’s more to her.  Sure, Jess is sexy with a great figure and a pretty face, but she also loves to have fun.  She parties with her friends, loves to go dancing and even though she’s posed for plenty of men’s magazines, she’s a regular gal, too – the kind you might hang out with or maybe spend the evening dancing with her and her friends.


And I love how Jess looks in her tight, tiny shorts, her crop top pulled up to reveal her boobs in her bra – and later with no bra at all.  Because once her shorts come off to show her in only her blue panties, Jess pulls off the shirt, pushes her bra down and shows just how hot she is topless!


This blonde hottie loves showing off for the camera…
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