Calista Valentine – Bumble Girls Sexiest Brunette?


Calista Valentine has got to be one of the hottest brunettes I’ve seen on Mac and Bumble and Bumble Girls, maybe THE hottest.  Her gorgeous face, slender body and perky, B-cup breasts with those dark nipples are worth drooling over, and she’s got that certain something to her posing, a touch of… dare I say it?  Class.  And this is one honey who REALLY knows how to tease, and I love every second of it and every pose she strikes…


And for those of us who love slender women, Calista’s got it going on.  Her slim hips are still all woman, and her firm butt sure does fill her bikini bottom!  Man, don’t you wish you were that piece of rope she’s fondling?


Calista Valentine has retired from modeling, but we can still feast our eyes on her sexy shoots at Bumble Girls

Click here to see ’em!

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