Charley S in a Leopard Print Bikini

Charlotte Springer in a very sexy bikini

Now that summer is here, the warm days mean we see lots of chicks in shorts or tiny skirts or bathing suits.  Charlotte Springer – now known as Charley S – is super pretty with long, dark hair, round breasts and a 1000-watt smile.  In this outdoor shoot, she’s by – or in – the pool in a leopard print bikink that shows plenty of skin, not to mention Charley’s curvy figure and pierced navel.  This is a high energy shoot, and you can tell that she’s having a lot of fun.


Charley shows off her cleavage (and wow, she’s got GREAT cleavage!), her butt, those very sexy legs and even her cute little bare feet.  And you know what?  I just love watching Charley in this hot summery shoot!


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