Summer St Clair – Rhapsody in Red

Page 3 girl and glamour model Summer St Clair

Here’s Page 3 girl Summer St Claire, a luscious redhead wearing nothing but a red bra and panties and a red tank top and looking extremely sexy!  The lingerie and shirt show off her creamy skin and once she’s topless, she leans forward to give us a great look at those beautiful tits.  These pics were a great way to start my Wednesday!


Here’s how the shoot started, with Summer all tucked into her shirt, the fit like a short short nightie.  She gives us some poses to get us revved, showing off her legs before the shirt comes off.  After a little teasing with the bra, it comes off, too – and Summer topless and wearing nothing but tiny panties is quite a treat!


Click to visit Summer St Clair at her very own website!
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